In order to meet a great partner, you need to be a great person.
— Stacey June

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Welcome to my brand new solo Podcast ‘The Stacey June Show’. I have some amazing guests lined up for you! Celebs to thought leaders, to spiritual practitioners and enlightened hippies. Some very well known and some you’ll have the pleasure of hearing from for the very first time. It is my mission to do self help and not evoke an eye roll from you. I am a big believer in what power we have in ourselves to change our lives but often these tools and messages are lost. They shouldn’t be exclusive to a certain type of person nor do they need to be done one way.

Allow me to show you how.

I will continue to open up about my own life including my current fertility challenges, intuitively building my new work life, and how I stopped obsessing over dating and started obsessing over hr mental health.

Remember the person you thought you’d be as a kid? I think we shouldn’t be so quick to believe this person is a long gone dream. We are reaching for more these days. We are is desperate for more meaning, more growth, and more purpose. Yet we are often unwittingly married to what we were taught by our parents: a very different generation with very different values.

“The Stacey June Show” will also offer some serious lol’s - working on yourself doesn’t have to be so serious! I promise x

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