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What is Kinesiology? With Geraldine Gallagher.

What is Kinesiology? With Geraldine Gallagher.

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This is Episode 21 of The Stacey June Show with Geraldine Gallaghar. Geraldine is a Sydney based Sydney kinesiologist practitioner (Stacey's personal kinesiologist!) and instructor of kinesiology programs, both in Australia and overseas. She answers the first lot of questions that come up when kinesiology is involved - What is it and how does it work? We break down the strengths of Keinsology and how it is set up to not only allow a process of letting go what is not serving us, but really infiltrating the root of the problem so it doesn't re surface. It is a great chat.

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Geraldine has explored many modalities and now teaches Neuro-training programs, mentors practitioners, and has presented conference papers in Australia, Italy, Belgium, England and Ireland. Gallagher has studied homeopathy, is a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP and was the president of the Kinesiology Association of NSW for 5 years. She has authored two successful programs Creative Nutrition and Essence of Change.

The Stacey June Show is a podcast that has been built to celebrate your differences, find the funny in the f*cked and give you the tools to help you be the person you know you can be. Make no mistake - this is no motivational meme. The conversations with thought leaders, celebs and experts who go deep, will leave you set to make the changes you have always desired and introduce you to your inner spark. Practical, funny and useful in one.

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