Single Pringle Values Workshop

Single Pringle Values Workshop


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I have an idea of how to find your ideal partner. Once I started to adopt a values attraction system, I met my husband. It wasn’t by going to a bar, or dating guys not for you by ‘pushing yourself’ out of your comfort zone; it's was the exact opposite. In this video workshop you will discover why focusing on a ‘type of guy’ is a waste of time, and why focusing on your values is key.

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How to attract your Ideal Partner.

Our values are not the same, but with the help of this workshop (and homework) you will begin to approach your dating with control, empowerment, vulnerability in an area of our lives that is much left to chance.

Single Pringle Values Workshop Includes:

Video 1 - Type and Values

In this video I discuss the meaning of a type and value and how changing this way of thinking will put you on the right track to meet your ideal partner. I also explore your individual values and ways to think about matching a partner’s values to yours

Video 2  - Writing your List

This video works with more hands on experience and includes my own personal story of how I attracted certain types of men and what changed when I shifted that thought process to attracting values. In this video we begin to think about creating our own list and focus on activities done at home.

Video 3 Recorded Webinar with Stacey June

A recorded group webinar - hosted live by me Stacey June - working through our findings, your lists and what happens from here

Worksheet downloadable’s - a PDF E-Book to track your homework and exercises!

(This part is very important. You don’t think they just come knocking on your door do you?)