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Dr Nikki Stamp on why our obsession with looking healthy is making us sick

Dr Nikki Stamp on why our obsession with looking healthy is making us sick

What are the true the effects of body image and social media on our mental and physical health? How can we better look at health in a holistic and realistic way? And how can we look after our bodies for optimal true health? Nikki and Stace cover all this and more in what is a really fascinating and relevant chat for our time.

Welcome to episode NUMBER 70 of The Stacey June Show.

Dr Nikki Stamp FRACS is an Australian trained cardiothoracic surgeon. Her research includes mentoring and gender in surgery, improving the patient journey and outcomes after cardiac surgery and the way plaque or atherosclerosis forms in our arteries. Dr Nikki is also a teacher of medical students and surgical trainees.

Nikki has a strong desire to change the way we think about health and is a passionate supporter of the Heart Foundation and women's heart disease advocacy.Nikki is mentor and supporter of women in surgery and of women in all careers. 

Nikki's new book Pretty Unhealthy examines our obsession with looking healthy. There’s a gym on every street corner and ‘wellness’ is our number one priority. Sales of gym memberships, activewear and superfoods continue to sky rocket and yet, we are sicker, unhappier and poorer than ever before. Dr Nikki Stamp sifts through the science and the sales pitches to work out why we equate beauty with health, why social media can hurt and help our mental and physical health and what we can do about it.

Pretty Unhealthy can be purchased here

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