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I want to help you develop the tools to feel better about yourself, and for you to flourish in your individuality...I will learn along with you, recognising that we are all a work in progress and equally capable of accessing our inner magic. Welcome. Stacey x

The Self Help Books that have changed my life.

The Self Help Books that have changed my life.

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Today I want to focus on our need to rush and wish away our single lives. I have some ways we can make better use our time. Are you bored? Do you worry when you are alone? Do you struggle to get out of your head? Do you head straight for Instagram or even Tinder or Bumble when you have a second to yourself?

I gotchoo boo!

I am going to share some of my favourite books to get you cracking to take charge of your single lives and collectively stop wishing them away. It is really the entire focus of the lessons shared under here at #SinglePringleau.

Time for an exercise. Have you taken a breathe today? Do it now!

Breathe in for 4, hold for 4, breathe out for 4.

Ok. Let’s think about your life as one long line. Say you like to 100 - imagine a line that goes from 1-100. Now imagine another line underneath it drawn in purple which represents the amount of time across your lifespan you were single. Now imagine another line underneath that, that represents the years (including ALL relationships - teenage years included) that you are in a relationship. This line can be red. (This line must also include the time you are with friends with benefits, having a regular cuddle or sex buddy etc!) Chances are if you are honest with yourself, your relationship line is going to be predominantly longer than the purple line. If we could look back at our lives at the age of 100, I am certain we would get frustrated at ourselves for wasting our time as single pringles waiting for the time when the red arrived again. Because in the grand scheme of things it really is one small section of our lifespan. Make sense?

That's why today is about resources and getting you BUSSSY! I want to share with you my Top 5 Book Suggestions for taking control of your life and becoming your best you to keep busy and stop wishing away your single life! Most of them have homework that you can do in a cafe on your own, in the park (which is where I spent a lot of my time with my puppy Charlotte!) or in your bedroom with some music on. Sunday’s are fab for this kind of work and reading.

You Can Heal Your Life - By Louise Hay

This book is the ultimate shapeshifter and is responsible for who I am. It gives you exercises and ways for you to take control over how you think, feel and act and allows you to think you do have a choice, and you do have a say in how things run for you!

The Untethered Soul - By Michael Singer

This book has been a huge influence behind my Finding your Intuition Worksheet It teaches you ways to separate yourself from over thinking and start to see who you are clearly without the messiness of our mind.

The Universe Has Your Back - Transforming Fear to Faith - By Gabrielle Bernstein

I have done my life coaching training with this woman. She is the real deal. She is the modern wizard behind so many more traditional self-help books but like me, she likes to encourage you to do exercises. I have learnt a lot from her and her books about talking to myself and trusting something bigger than you or I.

Deal Breakers - By Bethany Marshall

I read this before I broke up with a partner and it assisted me to see the benefit of being specific on not only what I wanted but what worked for me. Even if you are not looking to end a relationship - get yourself ready and clear so when you hit one, or are dating and unsure, you sit comfortably in who you are and what you want.

Thrive - By Arianna Huffington

An important read to set your life up sustainably and kindly from now. Get busy working yourself out. This book encourages us to reconsider being so busy.

I hope this helps!

Of course my workshops are listed below and many of you are taking part!

Proud of you, friend.

Love to you.


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