A bit about Stacey June.

Stacey June - Australia’s OG Podcast Queen is the founder of successful brands The Thinkergirls and Single Pringle.

Stacey June doesn’t suffer fools - her passion for telling stories and delving into topics others fear to broach is quickly making her one of the most exciting broadcasters, speakers, and self care writers in the country. Her passion and work is dedicated to her audience celebrating their differences through her Workshops, Blog and Talks encouraging Australian Single’s to ‘Stop Wishing Away their Single Lives!’ to sharing raw, deep and insightful conversations on ‘The Stacey June Show’ and more recently teaming up with her husband to share their infertility journey just to name a few.

A beloved and familiar voice for her loyal millennial audience, Stacey shot to the ears of fans initially through Thinkergirl the Podcast - along side Kristie Mercer and the podcast became one of Australia’s first and most successful podcasts. Stacey was resolute in her belief that the concept had what it took to succeed as a standalone radio show. Her passion and belief in women’s content was, and is utterly infectious, and through her witty, bold and laugh out loud ability to tell a story, Stacey and Kristie launched the hugely successful National Nights Radio Show, The Thinkergirls on the KIIS network - recognised and adored by a loyal and dedicated legion of fans across the country.

Stacey is a storyteller and possesses the skills to produce, edit, direct and act; having completed her training at NIDA. More recently Stacey was trained by Thought Leader and Coach Gabrielle Bernstein gaining certification as a Life Coach.

Currently writing a book and launching this blog capturing her lessons as a spiritual single girl, Stacey offers a unique, vulnerable and entertaining voice through her writing.

You can hear Stacey on her weekly Podcast ‘The Stacey June Show’, watch her weekly on Sunrise and The Project and read her column on Ten Daily or news.com.au.


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